What Does 1.5K Mean ? | what does 1k, 1.5k ,100k,1M means?

What Does 1.5K Mean ? | what does 1k, 1.5k ,100k,1M means?

You guys must have seen 1k, 1.5k,100k,1M,10M,100M on your Facebook and YouTube, and Instagram as well, so What Does 1.5K Mean? what does K and M, what is 1.5k mean in numbers? so if you already know about this then it is very good, but if you don’t know about this, then it is important to know about 1k mean and 1M means and read this article to know about 1.5k means and 1.5k in numbers.

In this article, we provide complete information about what is 1M means in numbers? or 1m views mean?

Why Use K and MWe all have a habit to used shortcut methods and we adopt shortcut methods in our social life and also in personal life as well to speak words and writing words. 1K,100K, and 1M,100M is a form of this, people have used in their own meaning and language on social media sites.

In the present time, many of the friends don’t know about what does 1k, 1.5k,100k,1M means in hindi?

K And M Means

So let’s discuss “K” or “M” behind numbers mean? So in the social media platform, 1k used to represent 1000 and the M is used to represent Lakh. So maybe you know M means Millions and K Means Thousand.

If you guys you are using Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, so there you can see some K and M like 1.2k 1.1k 1 k 1m so what is that actually means. So here we discuss a brief discussion about K and M in numbers.

What Does “1.5K Mean”?

As above question 1.5k represent the 1500 people or followers, as you know k means thousand so 1.5 multiply by 1000 so its equal to 1500.

We can write 1.5k in a technical language instead of 1500 because on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social website it starts from 1k only. Arealnews.com provides all the technical terms news so stay connected with this page.

1.5 k is equal to 1500 followers

Whenever 1 thousand, 10 thousand,1 Lakh,10 lakh likes, Views, Subscribers, or comments are made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, then they are written in the formed of or in a technically formed 1K,10k,100K,1M instead of 1000 and its also mean 1K Is equal to 1000.

Some K’s and M’s means.

  • 1K means 1000
  • 10K means 10,000
  • 100k means 100,000
  • 1M means 10 Lakh.


What Does 1K Mean?

We can write 1k in a technical language instead of 1000 because on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social website it starts from 1k.

We have to know the meaning of K symbol here but I have written 1K here because on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social website it starts from 1k only.

What Does ‘1K’ or ‘1M’ Mean?

1 k follower is equal to 1000 followers.

Whenever 1,000 thousand like Views, Subscribers, or comments are made on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, then they are written in the form of or in a technically formed 1k instead of 1000 and it also means 1K Is equal to 1000.

These are some common K’s

  • 1K means 1000
  • 5k means 5,000
  • 7.5k means 7,500
  • 10K means 10,000
  • 15k means 15,000

1.5k Mean In Hindi

आप लोगों ने अपने Facebook और YouTube पर 1k, 1.5k, 100k, 1M, 10M, 100M और साथ ही साथ Instagram देखा होगा, तो 1.5K का क्या मतलब है? K और M क्या करता है, संख्या में 1.5k का क्या अर्थ है? इसलिए यदि आप इस बारे में पहले से ही जानते हैं तो यह बहुत अच्छा है, लेकिन यदि आप इस बारे में नहीं जानते हैं, तो 1k माध्य और 1M साधनों के बारे में जानना महत्वपूर्ण है और 1.5k साधनों और 1.5k संख्याओं के बारे में जानने के लिए इस लेख को पढ़ें। ।

1.5 k equal to 1000 अनुयायियों के बराबर है।

जब भी Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, YouTube पर 1,000 हजार likes , Subscribers या Comment किए जाते हैं, तब उन्हें 1000 के बजाय तकनीकी रूप से या 1k के रूप में लिखा जाता है और इसका मतलब 1K 1000 के बराबर भी है।

ये कुछ सामान्य K हैं

1K का मतलब 1000 है
5k का मतलब होता है 5,000
7.5k का मतलब है 7,500
10K का मतलब होता है 10,000
15k का मतलब होता है 15,000

What Does 100K Mean?

The full form of K is equal to the 1000 or a Kilo. Whenever you see K after any number so simply put “000” after any number. For example.

100k followers on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, or any social website refers to 100,000.

The number is shown to you is not an exact figure it can be more like 110,000 or 121,000. so it always fetches a lower limit and shows you only 100k.

The words full form always makes people curious and desire to know about this.

100 k is equal to 100,000 followers.

The letter k is the replacement of 1000.

What Does 1M? 

On Instagram & YouTube, Twitter we see “M” so always we have a mind What Is M? So here we provide complete information on what “K” means & what “M” means. K is equal to thousand & M is equal to Millions.

  • 1M Is equal to the =10 Lakh or (10,000,00)
  • 1K is equal to the =1000
  • 1M views mean= 10 Lakh views.

1m means in Hindi:-Instagram और YouTube, Twitter पर हम “M” देखते हैं, इसलिए हमेशा हमारे मन में क्या होता है M? तो यहाँ हम “K” का अर्थ क्या है और “M” का क्या अर्थ है, K,। हजार के बराबर है और M, लाखों के बराबर है।

1M Means- Million

On the internet & all over social media, M stands for Lakh. Like 1M is equal to the 10 Lakh.

Million is a SI unit which means 1M is equal to  10 Lakh (100,0000)

If 1M is written on a YouTube channel, Facebook post, Instagram, Twitter Page then it would mean 100,0000. The above YouTube channel has 160,0000 subscribers which mean 1.6 million subscribers and followers on YouTube

 M’s Means 

  • 1M means 10 lakh
  • 5M means 50 lakh
  • 10M means 1 crore
  • 15M means 1.5 crore
  • 100M means 10 million

Benefits Of 1K And 1M?

You may be wondering and having a desire to think about what would be the benefit of 1K and 1M, if we write 1000, then why we used this?

No, there is no problem but think you can write 1000 instead of 1k, you can write 1000000 instead of 1M. But how will it look on social media networks?

Maybe you will not like it too and maybe if a video has more than 1 crore views, like, then writing 10M is more suitable.

Many people consider 1M as 1MB because they do not know that ‘M’ means Million which means 1 million and if you have written anywhere on social media, 1M means 1 Million.

You can stay updated with the  AReal News internet facts and this is one of them. Sometimes in an exam, you will be asked about what is 1K and 1M?

1.5k Means In Rupees

The value of 1.5k means in rupees is 1500 Rs/-, sometimes people write 1.5k Rs/- instead of 1500 Rs/- so its also 1k is equal to 1000 Rupees.

These are some common K’s

  • 1K means 1000 Rupees
  • 10K means 10,000 Rupees

What Is The Value Of 1k and 1M On Social Media?

If you saw 1k and 1M on Instagram and Facebook and in likes, comments, and also followers.

so the value of 1k is equal to 1000

  • 1k Likes is equal to 1000 likes.
  • 1k comments are equal to 1000 comments.
  • 1k Subscriber is equal to 1000 Subscribers.

the value of 1M is equal to 10,00000.

  • 1M Likes is equal to 10,00000 likes.
  • 1M comments are equal to 10,00000 comments.
  • 1M Subscriber is equal to 10,00000 Subscribers.

1.5k Means equal to 1500.

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